Using a Swamp Cooler Outdoors

Keeping your home cool in summer as economically as possible is a major priority in hot climates, but what about using an evaporative cooler outdoors?

For many people, the initial thought about using a cooling device outside is that it is wasteful of energy because there is no overall reduction in ambient temperature. After all, that cold air just dissipates into the air.

Certainly, it would be wasteful to use an AC unit to stay cool outdoors and if you had a tight household budget to stay within, it would seem an unnecessary expense. On the other hand, there is nothing nicer than relaxing on a porch on a hot day with a nice blast of cold air keeping you cool!

Enjoying the Best of Both Worlds

Portable air conditioners are great for providing lots of very cold air, but they use a heck of a lot of electricity to produce it. But what if you could enjoy that comforting feeling of a cold breeze taking the edge off the heat of the day while you relaxed outdoors without having the worry about how you were going to pay for it when the monthly or quarterly electricity bill arrived?

What I'm saying here is what about if you could cool your home without air conditioning?

With a hoseless air conditioner, which is really an evaporative cooler doing the same job, you can afford to enjoy that one of life's little comforts without the headache of huge power bills. Since they only use around a twentieth of the power consumed by an AC, a swamp cooler is a great choice for providing that soothingly chilled breeze when you're out of the house as much as when you're in it.

So now you have that knowledge, how are you going to put it to use this summer? Where can you see yourself literally chilling out with a cheap source of cold air when out on your patio, the back yard or in the garden on an otherwise hot, sunny day?

Suggestions for Outdoor Swamp Cooler Use

outdoor swamp coolerThere are lots of ways you can get the most from your ventless portable swamp coolers outdoors because these frugal cooling machines lend themselves perfectly to being used in many different situations. So let's take a look at some of the ways you can set yours up to cool you down while you're otherwise enjoying the beautiful hot days of summer outdoors.

Probably the most obvious way to enjoy one is to simply have it blowing its chilly breeze over you while you relax on a sun lounger or chaise on the patio or by the pool. There's nothing quite like it if you're reading a book or magazine under the shade of a parasol and having the heat deflected away from you by a well placed stream of nicely chilled breeze!

Keeping Your Guests Happy

If you're having guests around to your place and they're going to spend a lot of time outside, you can keep them comfortable with a strategically placed cooler say under a gazebo, awning or other shaded area. Any shade they start congregating under can be made even more appealing with some much needed coolness.

A barbecue party is a favorite setting for this kind of thing as people are going to be milling about and if it's a particularly hot day, they'll be real glad of some coolness to keep them from sweating too much.

Making Sure the Kids are Comfortable

What about the kids? Well, if they have a summer house or fort to play in, you can keep it nice and comfortable with a cooling breeze inside there and not have to be concerned about running up a huge energy bill.

Do they have a tree house? Well, don't let them sweat up there in the heat of the day. Cool things down with a swampy and they'll want to spend hours up there and let you get on with other things knowing they're enjoying themselves out of harm's way.

Washing the Car

One of the great things about summer is being able to get outside and wash the car the old fashioned way. But even that can get pretty hot unless you intend getting as wet as the car while you're cleaning it.

If you don't much fancy the idea of getting a soaking while the car is getting a soaping, you can keep things chilled with a well placed evap cooler to provide the coolness without the wetness! Sounds like fun just got funnier!

In the Garage or Workshop

OK, when you're in the garage or workshop, it's not technically outdoors, but I thought I'd include these options anyway. After all, if you're busy working with power tools or maybe fixing something on the car you don't really want to be doing it when it's really hot.

An economical swamp cooler in the garage or workshop is an excellent way to keep the temperature down to a comfortable level while you work on whatever it is you're doing out there. Just a timely heads up if you're using tools that cause a lot of dust:

You might want to place the unit as far away from the source of the dust as you can. That's so the unit's filter doesn't get clogged up and adversely affect it ability to produce lots of cold air.

In the Greenhouse

Another surprising place where you can get a lot of use from a good brand model like a Hessaire evaporative cooler is in the greenhouse. In some instances, it can happen that it gets overheated on really hot sunny days and the plants will dry out fast.

By keeping the temperature down and humidifying the air at the same time, one of these machines is the perfect solution to keeping your greenhouse plants happy and productive. It makes for an ideal eco-system for those plants that like a humid but not too hot climate.

So there are some ideas that you could put to good use when thinking about how you can get the most from your outdoor swamp cooler when you need to stave off the relentless heat of summer. There are bound to be other ways in which you can use it and perhaps you are already making the most from its economical icy wind producing capabilities.

However you use yours, you can relax in the knowledge that your power bills will not be adversely affected by your need to be comfortable when the summer weather tries it's utmost to get you all hot and bothered!

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